You can view all of your MotorCheck transactions directly from the Billing Section of your account.

Click on the payments button to view a history of any payments you've made on your account.

Transaction Log
The transactions section will show you every report you've run on MotorCheck. You can filter this by Date Range, Location(s), User or Report Type.

Balance Review
The Balance view shows all of the credits and debits made to your account. You can filter this view by Date Range or Location(s). It's useful if you'd like to reconcile a recent invoice.

The pricing for all of our data services is available for you to view on this page. This is not a list of charges, it's simply a price list for all of our services, many of which will not be activated on your account.

If you have any suggestions on how we might further improve MotorCheck please let us know using the chat service opposite.

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