To add a user to your account login and click on the users icon followed by the 'Add User' icon on the top right hand side.

Complete the form on the following page to create your user and click 'Save'.

Choosing the Right Role

When choosing the 'Role' for your user you have three options;

  1. Customer Account Admin - This role has Admin access across the entire account and will be able to create / delete users as well as view billing statements and run reports (usually this is the Sales Director / Financial Directors access)

  2. Customer Location Admin - This role has Admin access as above but for a specific location only (usually assigned to a Sale Admin for a specific location).

  3. Customer Location User - This role is limited to a user under a specific location. It does not have access to billing or reporting functions and the creator has the option of restricting access to one or all of the following, Provenance Checks Build Specs, Condition Alert Reports and Data Lookups (normally applied to sales executives or individuals in the service department who need access to VIN numbers). Tip - When creating a location user you can select the default page that appears then they login. Normally this is set to 'Provenance Checks'.

Activating an Account

When you add a user MotorCheck will automatically send an email with an activation link. This link must be clicked within 24 hours before it expires. If the window has passed the user should visit the password reset page, enter their email address and click submit. This will create another email with a new activation link.

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