To check a number of vehicles in one go you'll need to visit the Condition Alert section. It's available by clicking this icon.

If it's not active on your account you can request access by contacting your account manager or drop us a note using the chat widget below. 

You’ll see a new button called ‘Bulk Upload’ which will give you the ability to upload a CSV file.

Attached here is a copy of the file format that the CSV file should be in. It’s simply one column with ‘VRM’ as the header. You can include up to 500 rows in a single batch file.

When you have uploaded a file you should receive the following screen with confirmation that the file has been received in blue.

Followed by this email;

Click through on the link provided and you’ll be brought to this page where the batch results will appear in a CSV download.

Which will look like this;

All of the results are also stored in your ‘My Reports’ section.

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