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Introducing the New MotorCheck Chrome Extension for Car Dealers
Introducing the New MotorCheck Chrome Extension for Car Dealers

Introducing our latest tool designed to streamline your operations: the MotorCheck Chrome Extension.

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Transform Your Browsing Experience

The MotorCheck Chrome Extension is a powerful tool that integrates directly into your Google Chrome browser, providing unparalleled convenience and efficiency. It's designed with one goal in mind: to make vehicle provenance checks as effortless as possible for car dealers. Here’s how it revolutionises your workflow:

Key Advantages at a Glance

  • Seamless Integration: Operates within your Chrome browser, keeping MotorCheck’s comprehensive data at your fingertips.

  • Enhanced Productivity: Eliminates the need to switch tabs, significantly reducing the time spent on vehicle checks.

  • Error Reduction: Automatic recognition of registration numbers minimises manual input errors.

  • Speed: Instant provenance checks enable you to assess vehicles faster, making your operations more agile.

Access MotorCheck Anytime, Anywhere

With our new Chrome Extension, your MotorCheck trade account is always just a glance away. The extension allows you to have your account open in a sidebar adjacent to any website you're visiting. This means no more switching back and forth between tabs to run vehicle checks. You can now do it alongside your browsing, without ever losing context or wasting time.

Automatic Recognition of Registration Numbers

We know how tedious it can be to manually enter vehicle registration numbers for each check. The MotorCheck Chrome Extension smartly eliminates this step. As you browse websites, the extension automatically identifies any registration numbers on the page and transforms them into clickable links. This feature not only saves you time but also reduces the risk of errors associated with manual entry.

Instant Provenance Checks with a Click

Clicking on any registration number link instantly triggers a provenance check by MotorCheck. The results are displayed right there in the sidebar, without interrupting your browsing experience. This instant access to detailed vehicle history ensures that you can make informed decisions quickly, boosting your efficiency and confidence in each transaction. You will also be able to view all your previous checks directly from the sidebar.

Disable Where Not Required

If you want to disable the reg-recognition feature on a specific website, just right click on a registration number and select 'Turn Off MotorCheck'. This means that you will be able to click registration numbers on the website you're on without sending a new report request to MotorCheck.

Tip - Drag the divider on the right to increase / decrease the view of your MotorCheck account.

Getting Started

To start enjoying these benefits, simply add the MotorCheck Chrome Extension from the Chrome Web Store. Installation takes just a few clicks, and you’ll immediately notice the difference in your day-to-day tasks. The extension is intuitive, user-friendly, and designed specifically with car dealers in mind.

Your Feedback Matters

At MotorCheck, we’re committed to constant improvement and innovation. We value your feedback on the MotorCheck Chrome Extension. Your insights and suggestions are crucial as we continue to refine and enhance this tool to better serve your needs.

Welcome to a new era of efficiency with MotorCheck. Happy checking!

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