Now that you've built your application and tested MotorSpecs on our Staging Server you're ready to 'go live' with our Production Server.

Note: A Service Agreement will need to be in place before this can be done. Please contact us if you haven't yet recieved a Service Agreement and you require a live account.

The good news is it's really easy to do. the proceedure for activating an account on our production server is exactly the same as it was for your test account.

Main Difference

The key difference is that all URL's and API endpoints on our Production Server begin with;

Instead of; (where our staging server resides)

This means that once you have activated your Production account and noted the new client secret (this will be different to your test account) you will need to redirect all of your endpoints (including OAUTH) to the production URL.

If you have any difficultly accessing your Production Account please get in touch using the chat service below.

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