MotorSpecs operates on a simple 'cost per click' pricing structure which reduces on a sliding scale according to a clients individual needs. So the more you need of an individual lookup the lower the 'cost per click' price.

Monthly Minimum

  • Each account carries a monthly minimum of £50 which goes towards your 'per click' monthly bill. This means it's only after the total exceeds £50 that you will incur any additional charges.

Entry Level 'Per Click' Charges

  • The table below outlines what each individual service starts at. When you're ready to sign a service agreement we will work together to figure out what monthly minimums your account is likely to achieve and pricing will be set appropriately as per our sliding scale.

  • Some of the web services are dependent on an Identity Lookup occurring prior to a successful response. So for example, a call to MotorSpecs for the Standard Specification, Images and Optional Extras for an individual vehicle would require an Identity & Specs Match lookup (15p) followed by 3 calls to endpoints under the Specs scope (Standard, Images and Options - 12p) giving a total data cost of 27p.

Obtaining a Quote

If you're planning on needing more than 2k lookups a month, it's likely that your usage will attract a discount on the prices outlined above. Please contact us directly using the chat widget opposite or send an email to outlining what data services you need and the expected volumes per month and we'll come right back to you.

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