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What are 'Condition Alerts'?

This article explains what a 'Condition Alert' is in a MotorCheck report.

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MotorCheck reports carry a section titled ‘Condition Alert’ where information pertaining to an ex-salvage record may be retrieved and viewed directly within the report. Check out the video below to see how it works.

If the ‘Condition Alert’ section is highlighted as having an issue, you will be able to view all of the associated detail including the Salvage Category and a Detailed Description where available.

Access to Images

To assist you further with making an informed decision, you can also view detailed images of the car at the time it was categorised. Simply click on the View Images button and a new window will open where you can view the images on one screen.

Multiple Alerts

There may be examples where multiple condition alerts exist against a single vehicle and it’s common to find occurrences where both a MIAFTR reading and a condition alert will appear at the same time. You can view the detail for any individual by clicking on the buttons as you see fit.

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