In another industry first, MotorCheck has launched an integrated Taxi Check as part of the full MotorCheck history report.

This new service cross references your vehicle (and every previous number plate) associated with it against a unique database made up of current and ex-taxis. This database has been gathered across the majority of UK licensing councils and contains data on millions of licensed Taxi/Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Vehicles.

How many records are on the database?

The database contains just short of 3 million records with records updated every three or six months (depending on the licensing authority). We estimate that coverage is approximately 90% and growing.

How long does it take for a newly licensed Taxi to be identified?

The maximum time it can take is no longer than six months to show a newly licensed vehicle. The larger the council records, the more regularly we refresh the data.

How does a Taxi present on my MotorCheck report?

How much does the Taxi Flag cost?

The Ex-Taxi check is currently free of charge for all customers until the end of September 2021. From October 1st it will be included as part of your full MotorCheck report at a cost of 20p per check.

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