The General Product Safety Regulations 2005 say that dealers must get vehicles with outstanding recalls fixed before selling on to a consumer. If they do not, they can be prosecuted by Trading Standards.

From 7th July 2021 every MotorCheck report will give dealers the ability to verify whether there are any outstanding recalls on a used vehicle.

This service utilises a Vehicle Safety Recall Database that's administered by the SMMT. It utilises the individual VIN of the vehicle being queried to check whether there is an outstanding Safety Recall on the vehicle at the time of your enquiry.

As you'll see from the video above, the recall service returns the detail of any outstanding recalls in the following format.

Outstanding Recall

No Outstanding Recall

The service costs 15p per check and is charged on a 'cost per click' basis. This means that you are only charged if you decide to click the button on your report.

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