Ozone generators have been around for a long time. Mostly used for odour elimination on an ad-hoc basis they differ greatly in build quality and the amount of Ozone created.

So you might learn how the Sany Car works we recommend you take a look at the following video and read on to see what makes it stand out as the best machine in it's class.

What makes the Sany Car different to other generators?

When considering what Ozone machine to buy there are a number of considerations that you should bear in mind.

1. Suitability and Certification

The output of Ozone generated from machine to machine can differ greatly. Some machines put out 'Industrial' levels that can actually damage fabrics, trim, leather and even electrics.

As well as the potential for damage to the vehicle, the residual Ozone can be very difficult to remove from the interior of the vehicle making it unsafe for anyone to drive (anything over 0.01 parts per million (PPM) is considered unsafe).

The Sany Car from Sanity System is carefully calibrated to create the optimum amount of Ozone for sanitisation to a medical grade standard without causing any damage to the vehicle's interior.

The machine comes with an inbuilt 'Safe System' that operates at the end of each sanitisation treatment to convert any residual Ozone back to Oxygen making the vehicle entirely safe to drive immediately after a treatment.

The Sany Car is medically tested and certified whereas most cheaper machines do not carry any certification.

2. Practicality

A treatment with the Sany Car takes between 22 and 44 minutes (depending on the size of the vehicle being treated). It's completely portable and can be carried out from a normal electricity supply or directly from the car using an approved convertor.

Other machines will need hours to complete and require the vehicle to be thoroughly ventilated before it's safe to drive.

3. Price

Whilst not the 'cheapest' machine on the market, The ability to purchase or rent a machine from as little as £99 per month makes the Sany Car an extremely affordable system that offers unrivalled value for money.

It is the only system on the market that comes complete with marketing material, information packs and customer certificates. With local support and proven globally the Sany Car is used by thousands of dealers across Europe and endorsed by many OEM's.

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