If you're looking to determine what the exact specification is for an individual car using it's registration or VIN number you can use the MotorCheck Build Specs report. You'll find it here in your account.

Each Build Specs Report is divided into three sections.

Build Specs Report Sections

1. Top Features

The Top Features section is comprised of;

  • a list of standard features that we believe are noteworthy when fitted as standard to a vehicle.

  • any factory items that have been previously linked to a price on the optional extras list.

  • any other item of spec that you may have identified as a ’Top Feature’ using the ’Star’ icon

You can make any feature in the Standard or Factory list a 'Top Feature' by clicking on the star icon.

You can also work with the 'Top Features' section as follows;

2. Standard Features

The Standard Features is a list of all the features that came on the vehicle as standard. The information is as accurate as the original manufacturer's brochure and can be viewed under the following headings;

  • Interior

  • Exterior

  • Dimensions

  • Safety

  • Security

  • Technical

  • Others

3. Factory Build

The Factory Build data is a list of the items that were fitted to the car at the factory. This is the 'Build Spec' for the vehicle and does not differentiate between what was standard or an optional extra (information that would not be available to the factory at the time).

This section will tell you for example if the car has a panoramic roof but it will not necessarily tell you whether the roof was a paid option or came as standard on the vehicle. To work this out you would have to review the standard spec (above) and see if the Panoramic Roof was listed as standard. If not, then it must be a paid option.

If you require the price of a paid option(s) that you've identified on a Build Specs report feel free to get in touch using the chat service and our support team will be glad to help.

User Tips

Tip #1 - Open all the sections on your Build Specs report and use a control and find search to locate any instances of 'Panoramic' or 'Roof' to help narrow down your search.

Tip #2 - Use the 'Copy' feature to copy out any of the above feature lists in a handy plain text format. Great for pasting into your website alongside the classified listing or on Autotrader in the plain text box.

Tip #3 - Use the 'Print' feature to print a detailed spec sheet. You can decide what sections to show / remove just as you would on a MotorCheck report.

Please note, Build Specs is currently only available for the following OEM's;

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